Write an essay about myself for teens


Carmel, IL Image Credit: I value honesty, commitment, scholarship and kindness.

Write an essay about myself for teens

These are hard and true facts, but there is a lot I do not know about myself. I don't know how I feel about the death penalty, I have mixed feelings about religion, and I don't know what I think about a cashless society.

  • Basically, this is my essay describing myself.
  • So I know this is weird and awkward.
  • Read to find out!

I have no stock answer to offer about a life-changing experience or a moment of enlightenment, and it is hard for me to give a comprehensive proclamation of who I am, for my identity unfolds more every day as my experiences grow. Since I am only 17 years old, life has a lot of unfolding to do.

I dislike write an essay about myself for teens "I am trying to find myself" because my identity is not lost, it just needs more uncovering.

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Luckily for me, what I love to do and want to be helps me uncover more about myself. I want to be a writer.

Write an essay about myself for teens

I may not end up a professional writer but I will always write, even if I am the only one interested in my work, because writing is my self-reflection. When writing, I sometimes get worked up into such a fervor that I barely know what I am saying.

You're all you've easay, in the end, so make it the best you that you can. After being called a smart cookie, I have become more and more intelligent. I never really understood why others would be nervous in those situations. It makes me do things I don't like to. I believe that we should embrace our differences instead of hiding them. I hate doing exercises morning,so my health is not very good.

I just let my fingers fly over the keyboard and the ideas pour from my head. When I go back through the jumble of unpunctuated ideas, I notice a theme running through the writing. I don't try to put a moral in the theme, but invariably it happens.

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Evaluating the theme and the mgself of the writing helps me interpret my own character and decipher my at times wrie feelings. In opinion essays, my values show.

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In stories, the fictional characters express my beliefs. Every day my experience and knowledge increase, and I learn more about myself. Each time I write what is in my head as honestly as I can, another piece of the identity puzzle is revealed.


I am not worried that I don't know everything about esay. As I get older, I'll figure it out.


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