Short essay on simple living high thinking

Slow and steady wins the race. He never used force to bend someone against their will and rather achieved the goals through his weapon of non-violence. They make the man a selfish salve from high thinking and bring him down to the narrow cycle of worldly pursuits. With changing times, mode of communicating with others has also changed. This is the quality that I truly admire about this man.

Maintenance just allows one to perform the activity of existing in a particular body, which does not denote any accomplishment of a goal. This maintenance of the body involving mainly our activities of eating, sleeping, mating and defending is not in itself any great feat opr achievement.

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Even the animals are engaging in these activities of bodily maintenance. The cows also eat, the birds also mate, the hogs also sleep and the dogsalso defend. Simply engaging in theseactivities of maintenance does not actually make one human. For this reason, one who is interested in achieving the real, permanent goal of life does not focus solely on these activities of bodily maintenance, but he rather focuses primarily on the path of perfection.

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This is why he adopts the process of simple living. The basic principle of simple living is accepting whatever is necessary for maintaining the body, so that we can use the energized body for higher philosophical pursuits directed towards our short essay on simple living high thinking self identity. One only accepts that which is necessary for existence and does not take anything that is an unnecessary complication to life. High thinking entils the comprehension of the self as distinct from the temporary material body.

Why should such an understanding be considered high?

Strength comes from wisdom, which we never realized before him. Spirituality is not some mysterious discipline. Simple put, there is no quality time spent between family members of the house. This tends to overuse their credit cards and land them into buying things that are later useless or worthless.

The first reason is because it is the factual reality of existence. The soul here the actual energy source of the entire body.

Short essay on simple living high thinking

The soul is constitutionally superior to the dull, unconscious matter. Thus, the understanding of the superior energy, the conscious soul, is higher than the understanding of the inferior energy, the unconscious matter.

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This body that we generally identify with is exactly like a vehicle being driven by a conscious driver. A car by itself is hgih but dead matter, but when a driver operates the vehicle, it appears to produce life symptoms movement, production of by-products, signs of intellectual control, etc.

In the same manner, when the conscious soul makes contact with the material vehicle known as the body, the body appears to be possessing life. Factually, it is the soul within the body that is producing the life-symptoms. In the Gita this is stated as follows: Thus consciousness is the symptom of the soul.

This consciousness is the eternal companion of the soul. As one cannot separate heat from fire, one also cannot separate consciousness from the soul. The soul, along with its consciousness, is eternal.

Short essay on simple living high thinking

They do not cease to exist even after the body has come to an end. When that body is no longer able to accomodate the soul, the nature provides the soul with another suitable body according to his previous actions. As the embodied soul continuasly passes in this body from boyhood to youth to old age, short essay on simple living high thinking soul similarly passes into another body at the time of death.

One who understands this fundamental truth of the self — that the eternal soul is separate and distinct from the temporary material body see more becomes a self-realized soul. This stage of self-realization is the culmination of the process of high thinking backed by short essay on simple living high thinking dedicated life style of simple living directed towards the aim of esaay.


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