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A catchy title can make your paper stand out from the pile and give your reader a sense of the content, slant, and perspective of your essay. To craft a strong title, you need to focus on the three elements of a standard title: This structure applies specifically to academic essays, but you can also apply this structure to narrative essays.

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Steps Understanding the Structure of a Title 1 Craft a hook. Most titles have the same basic structure, especially if the title is for an academic essay.

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The hook is the creative element that draws the reader in. These are crucial words or phrases that apply to your topic and give your reader a sense of the content and angle of your paper.

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These key terms should act like a brief one to two word summary of the essay. This is the final part of the title that tells the reader where mske content is make me a title for my essay or what the setting of the essay will be. Depending on your topic, your source material may be another piece of writing, the name of a text, a geographic place or a person. A possible title could be: Part 2 Using Keywords or Images 1 Consider the tone of your essay.

Is your essay a straightforward, academic essay?

Look for quotes or phrases that sum up your essay as a whole or highlight a central theme or idea in your essay. Usually the final title is determined after the piece is written. Sum it up Another strategy for writing good essay titles is to choose two or three words that sum up the main ideas of the essay—bonus points if these words tihle oddly juxtaposed as this creates interest and attraction. Try working the thesis statement or part of it into a title. How could you pass those up? This is a free essay help tool that is constantly evolving. Use your best judgment, and keep your audience in mind.

Or is it a more free form, narrative essay? If your essay is about the Great Leap Forward in Communist China in the late Suppositions write off bad debts in india also, your title may not be a playful or humorous one.

It may be more informative and to the point. But if your essay is about the development of Shakespearean comedy in Elizabethan times, you may have a less serious tone for your title.

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Match the tone of your title to the tone of your essay. China in the late s". An essay about Shakespearean comedy may be more playful, such as: You can also sum up the thesis for your essay in three words or less. Take out a piece of paper and write down the three words. Then, see if you make me a title for my essay place commas or colons between them to create a title. Three words that title for up the paper may be: A possible title of the essay could be: In a traditional, five paragraph essay, continue reading introduction should include your thesis and the general ideas in your essay.

Your conclusion should also restate your thesis and sum up your analysis. Both sections may be good places to find keywords that could lead to a strong title for your essay. Consider if the words fit together in some way, or how they are very different. A possible title for the essay could then be: In an essay on the conventions of Shakespearean comedy, the tone of the essay may be less serious or rigid, and you can look for keywords that are playful or humorous. The Conventions of Shakespearean Comedy.

Using the description of an image will give your reader a visual that will then frame the rest of the essay. Think of a bold or striking image that can be summed up in one to three words. Part 3 Using a Quote or a Play on Words 1 Look for a key quote or phrase in your essay. A strong essay will use quotations and phrases from source material throughout. Read through the quotes used in your essay for ones that seem particularly strong or powerful.

Look for quotes or phrases that sum up your essay as a whole or highlight a central theme or idea in your essay. Alternatively, you can look up a key quote or phrase that is not in your essay but reinforces central ideas or themes in your essay.

You can then take a fragment of the quote and use it in your title. Think of a common phrase or sentence, also known as a cliche, and reword it so it is specific to your essay for a catchy title.

Make me a title for my essay

Use short cliches or familiar phrases that are one to three words long. Clever word play can give your title some punch and show that you are willing to be creative. Use an existing phrase and play around with replacing words in the phrase or adding a new spin to the phrase.


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