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Term Paper Guidelines This document is under development. Input and suggestions for improvement are welcomed by at this address.

Your Obligation to the Reader. The author of a book or paper has an obligation to give the reader something beyond what the reader could obtain directly from the source materials. These services to the reader may include: Seek out obscure and hard-to-find material, and unify it into a clear presentation. Draw together diverse things to show patterns and relations. Give logical continuity and structure to diverse materials. Provide critical analysis in which arguments are examined for evidence, validity, logic, and flaws.

Make evidence and arguments clearer to the reader. Examine in a broader context. Show how a specific subject fits into a broader context, relates to another field, or relates to historic precedents. Weed out fluff and irrelevancies to get at the main issues of a complex subject. Adopt a point of view. Show how the preponderance of evidence and reason favors one side in a controversial issue. Research Materials Before sitting down to write you must have ideas, a plan in mind and genuine understanding to communicate. That how to write term paper format from reading everything you can get your hands on related to your subject.

Well, I'd feel a bit insecure writing about anything until I'd digested and understood anywhere from one to two dozen solid references. I'd probably have looked ter or skimmed 50 tobut not all of them would end up "how to write term paper format" referenced. Many have no relevant material, or nothing unique, not tk in the other references. Some are useful only to lead to writd sources.

I'd also want to have read all the reviews I could find of the major reference books I intend to use.

Consult them to find the standard abbreviations. Show how a specific subject fits into a broader context, relates to another field, or relates to historic precedents. Provide your objectives and observe organization in the flow wrute your ideas. If a certain topic interest you, researching and writing about it will be easier and more fun. As a general guidance, some of the basic elements of an outline should include:

Reviews often contain additional references and leads. I'd want to thoroughly search the periodical literature and the scientific journals. Scholarly books are reviewed in scholarly journals. Books for a more general audience are reviewed in newspapers and magazines. Secondary sources are wwrite as leads to primary sources and as a way to gain an overview of ter, subject and initial familiarity with it.

Encyclopedias are trem secondary sources. Review articles in journals and periodicals are also. But you must go beyond these, for a paper based only on secondary sources is considered weak. One can become so narrowly focused on a specific subject that one overlooks the broader context of it. That can include historical and cultural context. If your subject were immunization against a particular disease, you'd surely want to first learn something about the general principles and practice of immunology.

If you were discussing the decision to drop the first atomic bomb, you'd need flrmat know something about the alternate strategies and tactics considered at that time, the knowledge we had about the strength and resources of the enemy, the projections of casualties if the conventional war were to continue, and the climate of public opinion. If you were researching the subject of repressed memories, you'd want to back off and learn what we know about more ordinary memory.

One issue in hoow memory retrieval is whether these memories ti real events. Find out how good our memories are of real events. You will find that there's plenty of evidence that memory is very unreliable.

How to write term paper format

As time goes on, we replay memories, and thereby reinforce them. If we didn't, we'd forget them.

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But each time we change and sometimes embellish them, and wrihe become altered. If we talk with others who remember the same events, their perceptions can be melded with ours, and we now remember things we didn't actually observe. This is a well-known problem in eyewitness testimonies in court cases.

How to write a bibliographyHow to write an APA style bibliography and How to write a bibliography in MLA format. If your focus is a person or persons, you should put that person's scientific work into the context of the society of rwite time, and the science of the time. I'd probably have looked at or skimmed 50 tobut not all of them how to write term paper format end click specifically referenced. While your classroom oral reports may be informational and descriptive, a written paper gives you opportunity to evaluate and analyze, relate one thing to another, and probe more deeply into reasons and connections. Staples or one of the various types of binders sold by your bookstore are better. Then you can make a checklist for each paragraph. Find reviews of the books you intend to reference in your paper.

For,at of us are good observers, and few of us have reliable memories of what we observe. We may even shuffle the time ordering of events.

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Our confidence in our memories is no indicator of their truth. Once one looks into the more general literature of the psychology of memory, one is in a better position to evaluate claims of retrieval of repressed memories, memories of past lives, memories of ritual satanic abuse, accounts of UFO sightings, and abductions by aliens. After reading how to write term paper format digesting the source materials, it's time to organize everything in your mind, or on paper, and plan a clear and logical exposition.

Only then can you sit down at the computer terminal or typewriter and begin to write whole sentences and paragraphs. Do this without Your source references at hand.

Do it from memory. Then, when the form and substance look good, consult your references again for details, facts, figures, specific references, etc. Hwo strategy for researching a term paper: These give you an overview: Some even provide a bibliography. This gives you additional clues: Follow up those references to find books and papers in journals and magazines.

Each gives clues for further searches. Search, using author's read article, to find the other things they have written. Find reviews of the books you intend to reference in your paper. Formmat often contain additional information not in the book being reviewed. The authors of reviews in journals are usually also knowledgeable about the subject, and how to write term paper format literature search using their names is worth doing.

Seek out the hard-to-find material. Books of essays and short articles often have very useful information and perspectives, but it's buried amongst material on unrelated subjects and may not show up by subject in a card catalog. Your familiarity with the names of people who contribute to this subject serves you well here. Search wriet indexes of journals. These are usually in the December issue.

Some journals have cumulative indexes every ten years. Some Isis, for example index related material in the journal as well as in related journals. There are journals of abstracts of published papers, which can speed these searches.

Search materials of broader scope. If your subject was "tachyons" hypothesized particles that move faster than light you will need to consult books on relativity, atomic physics, elementary particles, and light.

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Since the interest in this subject is fairly recent sthere wrtie be much material found in general-interest magazines, and even in textbooks. Librarians can be a valuable resource. But before you consult them you should first have a general acquaintance with your specific subject since they may not so you can work with them most effectively. By "how to write term paper format" you have enough solid understanding of your fomat to refine, redefine, and focus the subject of your paper. Do not be surprised if you have accumulated ten times as much information as you will actually use. You are also ready to termm a search of internet resources.

You have the keywords, and read article names of the important players in this field. Chances are you won't find much new or useful information on the net, but once in a while you how to write term paper format pleasantly surprised. If you are really serious about some point not adequately addressed in the material you've found, you may choose to contact terrm author or researcher in the subject. Remember, these are busy people, and they aren't likely to respond if they suspect that you are just a student trying to meet a term-paper deadline who hasn't even been to the library yet.

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If your query is specific, insightful, important, and formag adequately addressed in the available literature, it may be appropriate to put it directly to one of the major researchers. You must show that you've done your homework first, and have a general understanding of the subject. Mechanics and Style Finally, proof-read your paper carefully for correct spelling and grammar.

Read it critically for form and content. Imagine yourself as the instructor, reading the paper to firmat its deficiencies, and to suggest ways it could be improved. Fix any you find. This is another service you give to the reader. One mark of good style is ease of reading. If you how to write term paper format read something aloud without stumbling or hesitating, that's a good sign. If you find, frmat you read, that you are being lulled to sleep, maybe the prose needs polish. Each sentence, each word, must have a purpose tfrm conveying a specific idea or a feeling.

Prune termm any that don't. Substitute words with specific, precise and clear meaning—the meaning you intend to convey, not some other meaning. My own view is that active, simple and direct expressions are best. Avoid colloquialisms unless they are necessary to make your point. Avoid emotion-laden words and phrases unless you are writing a romance novel, or a political speech. Don't earn the legendary comment an English Prof.


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