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Image by James Yang http: Todays post offers an alternative perspective; that of the journal article peer reviewer.

Doing peer reviews provides important experience for those writing their own papers and may help writers consider what they should include based on what peer reviewers are looking for. At some point in your scholarly career, you likely will get asked to review an article for a journal.

2.3 Let's Write: First Lines and Literature Review Of Research Thesis

In this post, I explain how I usually go about doing a peer review. I imagine that each arite has their own way of doing this, but it might be helpful to talk openly about this task, which we generally complete in isolation. Accept the invitation to peer review.

The first step in reviewing a journal article is to accept the invitation. When deciding whether or not to accept, take into consideration three things: Once you accept the invitation, set aside some time in your schedule to read the article and write the review.

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I usually read the article with a pen in hand so that I can write my thoughts in the margins as I read. As I read, Reciew underline parts of the article that seem important, write down any questions I have, and correct any mistakes I notice. Write a brief summary of the article and its contribution.

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When I am doing a peer review, I sometimes do it all in one sitting — which will take me about two hours — or I read it one day and write it the next. Often, I prefer to do the latter to give myself some time to think about the article and to process my thoughts.

Did the authors make any assumptions or disregard any issues that make their approach less appealing? Always be polite, respectful, and positive. For systematic reviews, how to write research paper review is a trend towards including information about how the literature was searched database, keywords, time limits [20]. I never use value judgments or value-laden adjectives. Is the presentation of results clear and accessible? Depending on how much time I have, I sometimes also end with a section of minor comments. Human Res Develop Rev 4:

When writing a draft of the review, the first thing I do is revuew the article as best I can in three to four sentences. If How to write research paper review think favorably of the article and believe it should be published, I often will write a longer summary, and highlight the strengths of the article.

How to write research paper review

Your critique and accolades may help convince the editor of the importance of the article. As you write up this summary, take into consideration the suitability of the article for the journal.

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If you are reviewing for the top journal in your field, for example, an article simply being factually correct and having a sound analysis is not enough for it to be published in that journal. Instead, it would need to change the researcj we think about some aspect of your field.

The chances are high that someone will already have published a literature review Figure 1if not exactly on the issue you are planning writ tackle, at least on a related topic. A how to write research paper review often has a large number of papers to process and is eesearch not deeply devoted to improving the content of any particular paper. Ketcham CM, Crawford JM The impact of review articles. On the other hand, only a well-considered topic is likely to lead to a brilliant literature review [8]. Choose the Type of Review You Wish to Write After having taken notes while reading the literature, you will have a rough idea of the amount of material available for the review. Ridley D The literature review: Then I scrutinize it section by section, noting if there are any missing links in the story and if certain points are under- or overrepresented. In terms of selecting papers for reviews, you must select one from a set of papers to be discussed for the next one week from due date.

Write out your major criticisms of the article. When doing a peer review, I usually begin with the larger issues and end with minutiae.

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Here are some major areas of criticism to consider: Why or why not? Write out any minor criticisms of the article. Go over your review and make sure that it makes sense and that you are communicating your critiques and suggestions in as helpful a way as possible.

Finally, I will say that, when writing a review, be mindful that you are critiquing the revies in question — not the author. Thus, make sure your critiques are constructive. For example, it is not appropriate to write: So, in addition to being nice, it is in your best interest.


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