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Personal Statement The following essay, written by a former student, is so good that it illustrates at least five essential principles of good essah writing. Note how the writer incorporates a wide range of details and images through one particular lens: Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell elemments how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. The Scrapbook Essay I look at the ticking, white clock: The layouts of the pages are already imprinted in my mind, so I simply draw them on scratch paper.

Now I can really begin. Cutting the first photograph, I make sure to leave a quarter inch border. I then paste it onto a polka-dotted green paper with a glue stick. For a sophisticated touch, I use needle and thread to sew the papers together. Loads of snipping and pasting later, the clock reads three in the morning.

I look down at the final product, a full spread of photographs and cut-out shapes. As usual, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride as I brush my fingers over the crisp papers and the glossy photographs. For me, the act of taking pieces of my life and putting them together on a page is my way of organizing remnants of my past to make something whole and complete. This particular project is the most valuable scrapbook I have ever made: In the center of the first page are the words MY WORLD in periwinkle letters. The entire left side I have dedicated to the people in my life.

All four of my Korean grandparents sit in the top corner; they are side by side on a sofa for my first birthday —my ddol. Meanwhile, my Texas cousins watch Daniel, the youngest, throw autumn leaves into link air that someone had spent hours raking up. To the right, my eesay peers and I miserably pose for our history teacher who could not resist taking a essxy when he saw our droopy faces the morning of our first AP exam.

Characteristics of a good school essay

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What makes a 'good school'. Extracts from this document Introduction What makes a 'good school'. For as many years as there has been a place called 'school', parents have been seeking ways to fashion the best educational experience for their children - the place that would provide students with the best possible education and send them forth fully prepared to meet life's challenges.

Everyone wants top-quality schools. The issue of education tops poll after poll when the public is asked to choose areas of concern and importance. But what, exactly, does a 'good school' look like. What makes the difference between success and failure. Research done by the Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing, a research unit of the University of California at Los Angeles, points to several qualities of truly good schools: Good schools have strong administrators who lead instruction at the school and know in depth the school's curriculum and instruction provided in each grade level.

Help teachers develop instructional strategies and techniques and encourages teamwork. Make time for in-service training, and seminars for the school's entire staff. Middle In good schools, high expectations for student achievement are observed throughout the school. The surroundings of the school give a message to all that enter that academic achievement is valued in this place.

In good schools learning is promoted as the most important reason for attending school. High standards for class work are carefully set with students and are maintained on a consistent basis. Class time is used as learning time and few interruptions are permitted. Homework is assigned with a purpose, usually to reinforce a concept taught or to give additional practice.

Homework is always checked reviewed and feedback is given. High standards for classroom behavior are established and adhered to in order to permit class work to proceed on an established schedule.

Essay letter of advice to teenagers

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Wednesday 15 June And then share those mistakes with the world. Lf the week after my book, Sex Objectwas published, one question seemed to come up again and again — a question that presumed this reliving of past mistakes gives one some special insight: What advice would you give to a young woman. I do know, though, what I wish someone would have told me. Dear Jessica, First things first: Mom is right, that lipstick is too dark.

But onto more important things. Somehow, despite the bravery and unwavering self-confidence you had when you were 10 years old, the last year or so of life has made you feel less-than. You question whether you belong article source a school with such smart students. You make a lot of jokes at your own expense with the hope that people will like you more for it. Your adolescent swagger has been replaced with a full-body uncertainty. The entreaties to not be so acvice, the lingering looks aadvice grown men.

But please know that your worth has nothing to do with how many guys ask you out or want to hook up with you — getting boys interested is easy, keeping yourself interesting is more important. Oh yeah, and be wary of young men bearing Zima. Consider riding the subway with a friend. There is a wonderful Maya Angelou quote: If a friend shows themselves to be untrustworthy, believe it. Be nicer to mom, she does all sorts of work that you never notice or give her credit for.

Yes, she can be a bit nosy and neurotic. I promise you are not nearly as ugly as you believe yourself to be. Getting older is glorious. Drinking can be fun, but trust me when I tell you that having more than two in a row is never a good idea. You will mess up, fail at things and feel miserable about it. You will do things that make you feel ashamed. From time to time, you will disappoint the people you love and teenxgers love you.

Though it may not feel this way at the time: Life is messy, it makes sense that you are too..

Best persuasive essays of all time

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Written by PSTI History is witness to the beauty of effective oral advocacy. While many of the greatest persuasive speeches have been political, the need for persuasion in public speaking matters in nearly every setting. Anyone can master oral advocacy, but it also requires the heeding of the lessons taught by master orators.

Understand how great leaders from the past have persuaded audiences. This will help immensely in applying those lessons learned by the modern world. Here is a list of five famous persuasive speeches that made a huge impact on the audiences, and their analysis. While these words have taken a life of their own outside his speeches, his power of oratory is far stronger than a string of memorable phrases. It was persuasive and had a great impact on people.

One of his most famous persuasive speeches was the speech in the House of Commons on 18 Juneon the th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo when Britain was expecting to be invaded at any time. I expect that the battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity see more our institutions and our Empire.

The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink by the lights of perverted science.

Churchill turned the battle into a memory even before it had begun.

Essay of unity in diversity in india

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India is a indiaa, multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic society. It is a land of diversity. People of different creeds, customs, cultures and traditions live here. They have their different festivals, manners and lifestyle. Their religions fssay beliefs are also different. Despite all these, there are certain common visit able bonds that link them together.

This is a distinct feature of India and it is popularly known as unity in diversity. Basically, Indian culture is tolerant and absorbing. Its nature is assimilating. Democratic set up facilitates the process. The diversity in every aspect of society serves riversity a source of strength and wealth. The different ways of worship and belief represent underlying uniformity. They promote a spirit of harmony and brotherhood. This is beyond all considerations of religious, regional, linguistic and sectional diversities. India is proud to have a rich cultural heritage. We are inheritors to many grand treasures in the field of music, fine arts, dance, drama, theatre and sculpture.

Our spiritual tradition, piety, penance and spiritual greatness are common. Our seers and sages are the same they are held in high esteem in every section of society alike. Our scriptures are the storehouse of spiritual wisdom. Indian yogis, rishis, maharishis, etc are equally popular in every community. They are revered by them all. India is abundantly rich in dialects and languages.

Twenty- kn languages constitutionally enjoy the status of official language but Hindi is recognised as the lingua franca of the nation.

Literary analysis essay thesis university of

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This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue https: When printing this page, you must include the entire legal visit web page at bottom. This handout provides examples and description about writing papers in literature. It discusses research topics, how to begin to research, how to use information, and formatting. Mark Dollar, Purdue OWL What Makes a Good Literature Paper. An argument When you write an extended literary essay, often one requiring research, you are essentially making an argument. You are arguing that your perspective-an interpretation, an evaluative judgment, or a critical evaluation-is a valid one.

A debatable thesis statement Like any argument paper you have ever written for a first-year composition course, you must have a specific, detailed thesis statement that reveals your perspective, and, like any good argument, your perspective must be one which is debatable. Examples You would not want to make an argument of this sort: Shakespeare's Hamlet is a play about a young man who seeks revenge. That doesn't say anything-it's basically just a summary and is hardly debatable. A better thesis would be this: Hamlet experiences internal conflict because he is in love with his mother.

That is debatable, controversial even. The rest of a paper with this argument as its thesis will be an attempt to show, using specific examples from the text and evidence from scholars, 1 how Hamlet is in love with his mother, 2 why he's in love with her, and 3 what implications there are for reading the play in this manner. You also want to avoid a thesis statement like this: Spirituality means different things to different people. King Lear, The Book of Romans, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance each view the spirit differently.

Again, that says nothing that's not already self-evident. Why bother writing a paper about that. You're not writing an essay to list works that have nothing in common other than a general topic like "spirituality. That point is your thesis.

Causes of terrorism in pakistan essay

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We can categorize terrorism into different types like religious terrorism, political terrorism, and many more. Terrorists are those persons who cause terrorism and are involved terrorism terrorism activities. Terrorism has become a global problem. In this present situation Pakistan is among those countries which are facing the problem of terrorism. There are many terrorists organizations in Pakistan that are involve in terrorism.

With the passage of time terrorists activities are increasing day by day, everyday more than one such incidence occur which ezsay bomb blasts, target killings, suicidal attacks and many others. Pxkistan people are being killed in these terrorism activities in the name of religion.

People of Pakistan are fed up with this everyday situation and not this web page single person is safe in our country. Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan and its Solution Pakistan is a country that was established on the name of Islam but now innocent people are being killed in Pakistan. The current government of Pakistan is unable to protect the precious lives of innocent citizens of Pakistan. There are two kinds of terrorism in Pakistan i. Every day the innocent people are killed in Pakistan due to terrorism. These days Pakistan is going through hard times under the hand of terrorists activities.

There are too much terrorism activities in Karachi and Balochistan. The security agencies including Police and rangers or army are unable to give security to the citizens of Pakistan. Because of this horrible situation, foreign investors have stopped their investment in our country. Due to these activities no new projects are started and running tedrorism are also being stopped which is greater loss to our economy.

A tale of two cities essay

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A Tale of Two Cities, published in serial form starting on April 30,is a historical fiction novel. A Tale of Two Cities is told in three parts… Unjustified Revenge in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Words 4 Pages Charles Dickens focuses on the revenge that put the bloody French Revolution in motion in his suspenseful story A Tale of Two Cities. The French Revolution was a revolt instigated by the peasants, who attacked the nobles with vengeful hearts starting in the yearand going on until the year The settings of the book took place in both London and England, two parallels in novel, two cities where the plotting of the Revolution went into affect.

Although the reasons behind the different examples… A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Essay Words 5 Pages Charles Dickens, the greatest novelist of the Victorian period, is well known for his skillful use of irony in moments of coincidence and chance within his stories. In one of his most famous books, A Tale of Two Cities, he showcases this skill by forming small connections between various characters throughout the story. These minute connections end up playing important, plot-twisting roles in the story. The peasants of France spent most of their lives impoverished and tormented by the aristocrats of their time.

As a result of this nefarious behavior, thus the French Revolution came into play. On the other hand,… Minor and Major Characters in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Words 3 Pages A Tale of Two Cities In the book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, he compares many characters by including similar and contrasting characteristics between a minor character and a major character.

Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton are characters who exemplify this comparison because at the beginning of the novel Carton is portrayed as a drunken, careless man while Darnay on the other hand is the example of what Carton should to be, successful, polite and respectable. In particular, one girl dedicates her life to spreading love, even when she must sacrifice a large amount of her time.

This woman is Lucie Manette. From the beginning of the novel, Lucie is willing to make sacrifices to take care of her family and keep the bond between them strong. The tale takes place in London and Paris. Manette, Lucie Manette, Just click for source Darnay, Sydney Carton, and the Defarges are chronicled before the French Revolution and when the revolution begins throughout France.