Short essay on my dream in life


Published Tuesday, February 22, By Kenzie Phelps, Ninth Grade, Bartram Trail, First Place When I was smaller my parents told me to dream big.

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Back then my wishes and thoughts were different than now. As I grow older, my adult future comes closer and thoughts of college and marriage surround my thoughts. My desire in life is not only to finish high school, get a college degree and start a family, but also to see the world and grow in my faith with Jesus Christ. In school you are educated about history and exotic places.

Short essay on my dream in life

I don't want to just assume these places kn tell me about are truthfully there. I want to see the Great Wall of China and the Empire State Building.

Moreover, I love to communicate with children just because they look cute and lovable. It is to be an engineer. A dream for our hope. Owing to these reasons I have decided to become a doctor.

Hopefully these dreams will become memories of what really happened. Now I am only one week past my 15th birthday. I have a long life ahead of me, and the most significant part of my life is my faith. My vision zhort my head is essau my relationship with God will grow as I grow on this om.

Short essay on my dream in life

As I think of my dreams more, my desire for them to be fulfilled grows stronger. I will succeed in what I want. By Gregory Johnson, Third Grade, Ketterlinus Elementary, First Place My dreams for when I grow up are to become fssay police officer. I want to help people and fight crime and keep our neighborhoods safe.

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I want to go to college and study law. My mom said there is nothing shodt I cannot do.

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I am willing to work hard at making my dreams come true. I am also interested in politics. I have followed the presidential election very closely. I might one day be the first black president of the United States of America! If I work hard enough, anything is possible. By Kelsey Thilesen, Sixth Grade, Gamble Rogers, First Place Did you ever love in so much you could never stop thinking about it?

That's the way I feel about marine biology.

Owing to these reasons I have decided to become a doctor. Simple dreams of mine for others but worth living reasons for me. Some dreams and aspirations remain intact even as we grow and we work hard to achieve them. Select Page My Dream Essay Everyone has some ambition or the other. There are so many problems in the country such as poverty, illiteracy and casteism to name a few. Other people are high-fliers. My dream world has no place for violence and hatred. I, together with my parents, have a simple means of living; but because of firm determination, strong faith in GOD, good values and virtues I assure that we will have the bests of life in the future not because of the luxuries but the richness of love, compassion for people and passion for God. Let us promise with ourselves that each one of us will take pains to make this world a happier place to live that what it is today.

Check this out dream is to become a marine biologist. It's so fun to learn about mammals. Ever since I was five and my cousin was seven we both loved dolphins. It makes me so happy to see how cute dolphins are.

Dolphins, whales and sea turtles are so cool. I would be able to learn about them, when my dream comes true.

Finally, I hope that I could get married to short essay on my dream in life person who will care about me at all times. Short Essay on My Aim in Life On By Dinesh Saraf Category: I can't imagine such a devastating shodt and I think no one would be willing to fancy. This is like pressing the reset button to begin with a fresh mind once again. I want to go to college and study law. I also dream of becoming successful in the field I choose although I am still indecisive about the career path I will choose.

I love marine biology. So much so, if you love something as much as I do go for it.


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