My goal in my life essay about


Short Essay on My Aim in Life On By Dinesh Saraf Category: Everybody should have an aim in life. A man without an aim in life is merely a toy of circumstances. He drifts aimlessly and can never achieve success in his life. Aimless life leads nowhere. He may face many difficulties in realizing it, but if he has a strong determination, he must achieve success. I have already fixed the aim of my life.

My goal in my life essay about

I want to become a doctor. There are several reasons for my choice.

When I grew older I was a latchkey kid who let herself into an empty house with a spare key. The real key to exercise is to push past your plateaus. Not a great sprint… just a good sprint… The goal is to finish that kilometer as quickly as possible with the key word being finish. My way of serving my country would be to become a doctor and take up this profession seriously. Again, this scared the Words: In every action I will always keep the interest of the community before my personal interest. Thus my ambition in life would be achieved all the more if I can persuade others to follow this very way of life. When she joined her new Caucasian family, her eyes, like those of many people of Asian Words: Some of the Key Points for goal setting is Deciding what… Educational Goals and Philosophy Essay Words 4 Pages will use a variety of teaching strategies, including hands-on activities, peer tutoring, and cooperative learning strategies.

The profession of a doctor in noble. He renders a valuable service to the suffering humanity. He is the symbol of hope and joy. The face of a man suffering from acute pain brightens as soon as the doctor arrives.

  • For the next few months, my main objective is to become an online character designer that people will regularly come to for business and to help myself attain this goal, I have made three small and simple goals to help will me reach my destination
  • My future plans are to get myself admitted to a good Medical College.
  • Which two are from now?

The doctor gives him a pill and his pain is cured. A good doctor is respected as an angel.

If I become a doctor, I can earn a lot of money. I am not a heartless man.

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I will also distribute free medicines to the poor people. I will educate people for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. There is a great dearth of doctors in our country. A large number of people living in our villages die of various diseases owing to lack of medical facilities.

My goal in my life essay about

I have made up my mind to serve the rural people. I want to become a doctor, because I am by nature kind and humane.

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I am pained to see people suffering from various kinds of diseases. My desire to serve the ailing mankind prompts me to my goal in my life essay about a doctor.

I know that the best service to my my goal in my life essay about, in the first place, would be to become a good citizen. I find that… The Power of Goal Setting Essay Words 3 Pages These goals should present a picture to where you see yourself in the future. But achieving success with my company is at least partially about providing myself with a financial foundation to build the rest of my life on. I shall then seriously make a choice and render help to the political party of my choice. Looking into various colleges to name a few, I have found that the College Notre Dam in Indiana, has the programs I'm looking for also UCLA. That is her final qualifications that are needed, to reach her ultimate level of self worth,acceptance, and peak, in accordance to her.

Owing to these reasons I have decided to become a doctor. I have taken up Physics, Chemistry and Biology for the Secondary School Examination.

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My future plans are to get myself admitted to a good Medical College. After passing the M. Examination I shall go abroad for higher studies. If everything goes according to my plan. I must become a good doctor. I wish my sweet dream would be fulfilled.


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