My aim in life essay for fsc


Our aim is like a guiding star.

Fsc for essay in aim my life there

There are as many aims in life as men. Some want to be doctors, others to be engineers, civil and military officers.

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Some want to be poets, others to be novelists. Aim that suits the nature of man is the best for him.

My aim in life essay for fsc

I desire to be a professor of English. Teaching is not a paying profession.

My aim in life essay for fsc

Professors and teachers, especially in Pakistan are lowly paid people. The reason is that the world cannot pay for their services. There are several reasons for my choice. First, teaching is a noble profession. The best people in the world are those who teach others.

My aim in life essay for fsc

To me this profession is the only profession in which a man can serve his nation in the source possible manner. Engineers may build grand buildings, roads and massive dams. Doctors may treat the patients and may put life into the dead. Civil and military officers may boast their services to the nation. But could they be so without the guidance of their teachers?

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A teacher is like a ladder, which remains at its place but helps other to climb higher and higher. So instead of being an engineer, a doctor, or an officer, I would rather be an engineer maker, a doctor maker and an officer maker. It is only the men that glorify the nation. These men are made in the teaching institutions.

  • I will serve other people as much as possible and it will surely bring peace and satisfaction in my life.
  • It provides you best chances of service.
  • There are several reasons for my choice.

Secondly, I am suited to this profession. I take pleasure in solving problems and explaining them to others. I am very fond of reading and teaching. By adopting this profession, I will be able to lead a life of learning.

Thirdly, English Literature is my favorite subject and its reading infuses a new spirit fsd me. Fo man can serve his nation well only when he has some interest in the work he is performing.

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Realization of such a noble ambition is possible only when a man devotes all his time to studies. Keeping this in view, I work hard and essat intensive study of English literature.

I take pleasure in solving problems and explaining them to others. Ilfe these quotations show that aim is very important in life. Aim simply means an ambition or a desire for one's future which helps in keeping attention focused on a particular target. Life is a great blessing of God. MBBS Salary In Pakistan Per Month My aim is neither wealth nor fame but I want to do a noble profession. They take them out of ignorance. So, one should be ready for all these things.

In fec, I hope to produce such men as would be of great service to the coming generations. I want to achieve this purpose by writing good and original books. Books also have a helping hand in making or spoiling a nation. Whatever others think of my aim, I am satisfied that this aim is according to my taste and nature. Going against it would result in ny but harm and confusion of mind.


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