Essay about marriage at an early age


Young Age Marriage- Argumentative Essay Essay: You people will seek their husband and wife when they are grown up.

  • Research shows that getting married can significantly improve your financial picture.
  • When young people get into sustainable employment, they quickly get into marriages since they feel that they are adequate and able to cater for their families.
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Some couples are successful in their new life, while others are suffered by terrible problem within their family. This issue usually occurs to those who get married at their young age.

Research shows that there are a lot of cases regarding the death of young age mothers while delivering baby. As result, they usually take risk during their maternity. That will cause them in danger. Women seem to be the victims when they get married at very young age.

Essay about marriage at an early age

Next, young couples do not have enough responsibilities for their new family. Frequently, both male and female are lack of life experience, and the way they think and behave is kind check this out fragile.

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Their lifestyle is as if they are single. In other word, they do not have enough ability to earn for their living.

  • As a result, the girl may get pregnant and end up plunging into early marriage for purposes of securing a family for the kid.
  • They get worried about who they will marry and where, when and even how.
  • For example, young brides are expected to become pregnant at an early age and there is a strong connection between the age of a mother and affectionate mortality.

What is more, they are not patient enough to live with each other. We can say that couples getting married at very young age often break up their relationship due to their lacking of life experience and responsibilities for their family. Critics of this position point out that people getting married at very young have more time to produce more children.

Winston Churchill and Jimmy Stewart, for example, married their wives at 34 and 41 respectively, and yet they enjoyed two of the happiest and longest-lasting marriages in the pantheon of eminent men. These practices take place for several reasons. This enables them to support their children in their major stages marraige life, for example, in education, marriage, and even settlement. Pursuing marriage, children, and career in successive phases, allows you to enjoy each season to the fullest. A couple is able to get children at an early age and nurture them, is able to learn from each other and enjoy sex life avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

edsay However, this old concept has changed within these few years. Nowadays, young people turn to spend their time studying to build up their ability to meet job market. If they get married before they graduate a degree, they may drop out their study because they are busy with their family.

At an early age, young people have enough energy and their brains are very active. Essay about marriage at an early age the other hand, late marriage makes the young people lose their valuable age of conceiving, supporting the pregnancy and getting children. Such marriages are spread all over Palestine. In this case many get into early marriages believing that they will enjoy life in a better way together. So too, taking the plunge earlier on comes with a bunch of unique benefits. Criticism of early marriage On the other hand, late marriages have received much criticism from both the elderly and the youths. Having a spouse by your side during this time can make your 20s easier and more successful in a couple key ways.

As result, they miss the degree and failed in the job market. Moreover, if this law is effective enforced, the divorce rate caused by young couples and domestic violence will decrease.

Essay about marriage at an early age


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