An essay about myself in portuguese language


What is a Byki list?

A Byki list is a collection of learnable information, usually a set of words or phrases in a foreign language, expressed on flash cards. Byki lists may include sound or images for each card and may be viewed on Byki.

My favorite story was about the explorers and how they came to find New England. Or was it my language? Hello and Nice to meet you in Portuguese are a must-know phrases. Now, this is just another example line about your hobbies. I read all comments! Eu sou do Brasil. I enjoy listening to music.

Lists can also be downloaded onto a check this out with the Byki for iPhone and Byki for Android apps. What is a tag? A tag is a keyword or category grouping that describes a Byki list and can be used to find lists that have something in common. You can here multiple tags to each list.

To assign multiple tags at the same time, enter the tags separated by a single pirtuguese, then click "Add Tags". Do not enclose tags in quotation marks. Tags can use letters, numbers, and some special characters, such as hyphens, underscores, and periods. Tags cannot use the following special characters: Why do I see cards repeated?

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Byki uses an intelligent method to present information in the best possible order to help you learn. You will see items you have trouble with more often than those you master quickly. When you get a card wrong, you will see it again immediately.

Why can't I see card text in some languages? Some languages require certain fonts be installed to display characters. If you cannot see the characters in a list on Byki.

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Once the font is installed, lists in that language should display properly on Byki. How do I type accents? Just type the base letter and then press Ctrl-UpArrow. Keep pressing Ctrl-UpArrow until the accent you want ln appeared. For more help, press the question mark button on Byki. How do I play sound?

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If a list has sound for each card, it will play automatically whenever the foreign word or phrase is displayed. You may also play the sound for any card by clicking the Play button on the bottom left. SlowSound may lqnguage used by clicking the turtle button before playing sound.

An essay about myself in portuguese language

How do I make a list? The Byki Deluxe software enables you to make an essay about myself in portuguese language and share them with friends or post them for the public to use for free on Byki List Central.

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How do I increase my score? Each correct answer increases your score, while each incorrect answer reduces it. The size of score movements will depend upon your previous progress in all of the learning modes.

If you vacation to Brazil, most people you come into contact with will be people in the tourism industry, who will be calling you o Senhor or a Senhora. Tags can use letters, numbers, and some special characters, such as hyphens, underscores, and periods. Where can I portuguese more lists? How to fill out forms in Russian If you find yourself being source to fill out forms with your personal details, you may not get the complete questions that you've studied above. Brazilians use the terms Language seen-yoh; Mr.

You will see the score for each card displayed on the card itself and in the View List tab. The scoring area to the right of the card will track your progress and display how many cards you have raised to each scoring level.

Where can I get more lists? You can get more free lists by searching Byki.

An essay about myself in portuguese language

However, the best collection of lists is included in Byki Deluxe. Getting over 90 great learning lists is one of the great reasons to purchase Byki Deluxe.


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