An essay about love at first sight


Is love at first sight true love? By fox33Piatra-Neamt, AL Image Credit: Never let yourself downtrodden by your own emotions! Love is said to anout the primary force that bends us all together. It overshadows any other emotion, when it comes to an essay about love at first sight, intensity and the power with which it grasps our inner self, turning an essay about love at first sight the drop of a ah into an immanent flame that keeps exuding its glow, even after having been smothered.

Sooner or later, they will develop awareness of this delusion and own up to being one of the countless victims of the endemic virus named love at first sight. To clearly emphasize my point of view regarding this topic, I draw a comparison between mating behavior at animals and humans, bringing in the limelight both similarities and differences.

The first three basic ones physiological, security and xn belonging are shared with our inferior evolutionary scale neighbors. Having landed on this point of reference, it comes forward as unequivocal that men and animals are akin to each other within the precincts of the biological urge of pairing.

They say eyes are a window into the soul. With the right approach, each of us can enjoy a long, happy, fulfilling life with the person of our dreams. The difference with the excitement of falling in love at first sight is that the sensation is stronger than they had experienced before, when they were infatuated with another individual. How it should work Love is a beautiful thing, when expressed correctly with full awareness of life and reality.

This urge is translated into the physical attraction, triggered by the hormones responsible for reproducing. At this point, it is up to sssay to prove our intellectual superiority as humans, by passing over the automatic instinctual mechanism, triggered in our brains at the sight firrst a fine-featured fellow creature of the opposite sex.

Our efforts should be invested into accessing the reflective part of the brain, the one responsible for analyzing and critical ablut. None of our decisions and actions should rest exclusively on our unfiltered emotions.

An essay about love at first sight

According to Paul Ekman, a renowned psychologist who made groundbreaking research into the realm of human emotions, when we are gripped by an intense emotion, we interpret what is happening around us in a way that fits the way we are feeling, ignoring any prior knowledge about the situation at issue. Emotions change the way we see the world. Suppose a boy meets a girl, who by hearsay is a very lazy and passive person.

Perhaps it is possible to fall in love across a crowded room as the old song says. Love at first sight is romantic, something we all want to believe is real, but the reality is, Love is hard, finding true love is even harder, but in someway it makes it makes it more honest and real. Not to run from it, but to run to it. Many people do not believe in love at first sight.

These characteristics contradict his personality traits, since he is a very diligent guy, always on his toes. Therefore, he might want somebody as active as him to spend some time with. Yet, it is her beauty that baffles him, making him develop an instant infatuation for her. He thus discounts her major defect passivenesswhich he would otherwise place great importance on.

An essay about love at first sight

Our guy gets led up the garden path by his emotional spate. On the one side, this refraction is useful, since it helps us channel all our forces into dealing with the problem at hand. When threatened to be physically xn by a stranger with a knife, it is doubtlessly imperative to pit all our anger against him, till the danger has passed. On the other hand, in ar real life situations, because of this refractory period we risk taking decisions we might later regret.

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If we get mad at our friend for being late for our meeting and hurl some insults at him, we are liable to pangs of remorse later, when we ponder on what we have done. The same happens with this first-sight-love feeling. The challenge is to consciously gain control of our emotions once they begin to escalate and instead of lingering in the refractory stance, enter a reflective one.

Is Love At First Sight A Real Thing?

Once we have identified the signs of the mounting emotion in this case, butterflies in the stomach, high heart beating rate or sweating are just a few of themwe take a step back and sbout look at the present situation. Is the emotion we are now feeling the best solution to our problem? Do we choose to let it loose or restrain xn

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pove It is us that decide and later endure the consequences or enjoy the benefits. To draw a line and conclude, when you catch sight of somebody you label on the spot as attractive, you should take this event as a signal your body is giving you that it is sigt approaching that person and learning more about her. Under no circumstances should you interpret this sign as genuine love, as you run the risk of being afterwards severely disappointed.

Love means much more than sensorial fulfillment.


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