Sample of a good white paper


If that were the case, our jobs as marketers would be much easier. When digital marketers roll up their sleeves and generate leads, many have found that white papers provide a utility for which potential customers are willing to give up a name and email address. White papers are more substantial pieces of content that allow customers to solve an information problem that represents the solutions your company can offer.

Sample of a good white paper

Do marketers still use white papers? When used effectively, white papers can serve as and anchor to a longer content marketing campaign.

While white papers do not need to be gated to generate leads, most marketers use them as such. White papers attract decision makers: White papers are the type of content that gets consumed by buyers. White papers set you apart from the competition. Who would you rather buy from?

White papers get shared. White paper content is recyclable. Repurposed content in the form of blog posts, go here and more can be used to help drive traffic to your white paper landing page. White papers need a lot of care after if are created.

White papers can be perceived as dry and boring. Effective white papers are loaded with sample of a good white paper, research and statistics. For example, an engineer looking to buy electronic equipment will likely see right through a white paper written by an marketing rep may not have done the research.

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Long content like white papers see more take up a lot of resources in research. What Marketers are Saying: These services will promote your white paper, and you usually pay for every lead they bring your way. It should have your prospects nodding in agreement as they read it.

They should come away better informed and believing that you clearly grasp their problem and understand how to fix it.

By exchanging contact information for an opportunity to download content, buyers are expecting that content to be useful and beneficial to their situation. In the following example, sample of a good white paper understand the pain points that buyers face and offer solutions through white paper content. To attract clients struggling with running a social businesses, Hootsuite offers a white paper 8 Tips for Social Business.

Adobe, in an effort to reach business professionals searching for detailed information about document security, published the sample of a good white paper paper Global Insights on Document Security.

Include a review of the problem at hand. The form headline and the CTA copy are the same. Creation of an outline is an iterative process. Why is it important to learn how technology purchase decisions are made? Consider using part of your gooe as a topic for a speaking engagement or conference session.

In your effort to always being the best answer for your customers, consider these best practices when writing white papers. Ask for just the right amount of data in return. What you ask for in a customer registration is up to you: It could be email address, name, phone number or mailing address. Beware that asking for more information than necessary will turn many people away.

Be sure to check out our white paper writing guidelines. These examples provide another opportunity to connect with different segments of your audience. That theme carries through the entire book, with a saample bulb photo as the background for nearly every page. Kapost offers a comprehensive template to aid you in making your own white papers. Yes, it will take time and delay the start of the writing process.

White papers works best in concert with other paid, earned and owned tactics. Present the information that you believe is required to help your customers solve the problem that brought them to your download page. Beyond that, any appearance of over-selling is probably a turn-off. Let your helpful content speak for itself. Use graphs and charts that can easily represent data.

How to Write an Industry Leading White Paper

It covers topics ranging from financial processing to customer experience. A smarter tool helps you ask better questions, not just get better answers. Do take the time to create a dample, more powerful title. The busyness of the page makes it overwhelming. A short form makes converting on this page easy.

White papers are often formatted like more academic reports, with attribution of sources and footnotes if needed. Your customers want to know that the detailed sample of a good white paper you are sharing is well-sourced. Make the most of the time you put into your white papers.

Content developed for your white paper can be used in smaller blog posts or condensed into infographics. Think of your white paper as a campaign anchor and develop resources around it to drive traffic and optimize performance. samplf

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Have you been successful using white papers in your marketing mix? What are your tips and tricks? For more content marketing best practices, see our full list of content marketing tactics with links to in-depth articles on each tactic just like this one.



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