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The Effects of a Supported Employment Program on Psychosocial Indicators for Persons with Severe Mental Illness William M. The SE program involves extended individualized supported employment for clients through a Mobile Job Support Worker MJSW who maintains contact with the client after job placement and supports the client in a variety of ways.

Example of a research report paper

The resulting cases were randomly assigned to either the SE condition treatment group or the usual protocol control group which consisted of life skills training and employment in an in-house sheltered workshop setting. All participants were measured at intake reeearch at 3 months after beginning employment, on two measures of psychological functioning the BPRS and GAS and two measures of self esteem RSE and ESE.

Significant treatment effects were found on all four measures, but they were in the opposite direction from what was hypothesized. Instead of functioning better and having more self esteem, persons in SE had lower functioning levels and lower self esteem. The most likely explanation is that people who work in low-paying service jobs in real world paped generally do not like them and experience significant job stress, whether they have severe mental illness or not.

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The implications for theory click psychosocial rehabilitation are considered. The Effects of a Supported Employment Program on Psychosocial Indicators for Persons with Severe Mental Illness Over the past quarter century a shift has occurred from traditional institution-based models of care for persons with severe mental illness Rrsearch to more individualized community-based treatments. Along with this, there has been a significant shift in thought about the potential for persons with SMI to be "rehabilitated" toward lifestyles that more closely approximate those of persons without such illness.

A central issue is the ability of example of a research report paper person to hold a regular full-time job for a sustained period of time. There have been several click the following article to develop novel and radical models for program interventions designed to assist persons with SMI to sustain full-time employment while living in the community. The most promising of these examplf emerged from the tradition of psychiatric rehabilitation with its emphases on individual consumer goal setting, skills training, job preparation and employment support Cook, Jonikas and Solomon, These are relatively new and field evaluations are rare or have only recently been initiated Cook and Razzano, ; Cook, Most of the early reserch to evaluate such programs have naturally focused almost exclusively on employment outcomes.

The writer can now go directly to summarizing the results. When I research a topic, I may be interested in just the methods, a specific result, the interpretation, or perhaps I just want to see exampoe summary of the paper to determine if it is relevant to my study. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. Explain all of your observations as much as possible, focusing on mechanisms. Our research papers are not typical "lab reports. Second, paragraphs and text should be double spaced and the start of each paragraph should be indented. Very briefy describe the experimental design and how it accomplished the stated objectives. Approaches vary widely, however for our studies the following approach can produce an effective introduction.

However, theory suggests that sustained employment and living in the community may have important therapeutic benefits in addition to the obvious economic ones. To date, there have been no formal studies of the effects of psychiatric rehabilitation programs on key illness-related outcomes. To address this issue, this study seeks to oaper the effects of a new program of supported employment on psychosocial outcomes for persons with SMI.

Over the past several decades, the theory of vocational rehabilitation has experienced two major stages of evolution. Original models of vocational rehabilitation were based on the idea of sheltered workshop employment. Clients were paid a piece rate and worked only with other individuals who were disabled.

People link want to read this material selectively. The same is true for the SDS-PAGE method, and many other well known procedures in biology and biochemistry. In notational form, the design can be depicted as: One reason is that your major source of information is this website, and websites are inappropriate as primary sources. Summarize the study, including the following elements in any abstract. The example of a research report paper shows that people are able to harm others intentionally if ordered to do so.

Controlled studies of sheltered workshop performance of persons reserach mental illness suggested only minimal success Griffiths, and other research indicated that persons with mental illness earned lower wages, presented more behavior problems, and showed poorer workshop attendance than workers with other disabilities Whitehead, ; Ciardiello, In the s, a new model of services called Supported Employment SE was proposed as less expensive and more normalizing for persons undergoing rehabilitation Wehman, The SE model emphasizes first locating a job in an integrated setting for minimum wage or above, and then placing the "example of a research report paper" on the job and providing the training and support services needed to remain employed Wehman, One of the more notable SE programs was developed at Thresholds, the site for the present study, which created a new staff position called the mobile job support worker MJSW and removed the common six month time limit for many placements.

Time limits for many placements were removed so that clients could stay on as permanent employees if they and their employers wished. The suspension of time limits on job placements, along with MJSW support, became the basis of SE services if at Thresholds. There are two key psychosocial outcome constructs of interest in this study. The first is the overall psychological functioning of the person with SMI.

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This would include the specification of severity of cognitive and affective symptomotology as well example the overall level of psychological functioning. The second is the level of self-reported self esteem of the person. This was measured both generally and with specific reference to employment. The key hypothesis rezearch this study is: A program of supported employment will result in either no fo or negative effects on psychological functioning and self esteem.

A program of supported employment reserach lead to positive effects on psychological functioning and self esteem. Method Sample The click to see more of interest for this study is all adults with SMI residing in the U. The population that is accessible to this study consists of all persons who were clients of the Thresholds Reort in Chicago, Illinois between the dates of March 1, and February 28, who met the following criteria: The sampling frame was obtained from records of the agency.

Example of a research report paper

Because of the large number of clients who pass through the agency each year e. This resulted in a sample size of persons over the two-year course of the study. In terms of illness history, the members in the sample averaged 4 prior psychiatric hospitalizations and spent a lifetime average of 9 months as patients researxh psychiatric hospitals. Participants had spent an average of almost two and one-half years 29 months at the longest job they ever held. example of a research report paper

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While "example of a research report paper" study sample cannot be considered example of a research report paper of the original population of interest, generalizability was not a primary goal -- the ppaper purpose of this study was to determine whether a specific SE program could work in rwsearch accessible context.

Any effects of SE evident in this study can be generalized to urban psychiatric agencies that are similar to Thresholds, have a similar clientele, and implement a similar program. Measures All but one of the measures used in this study are well-known instruments in the research literature on psychosocial functioning. All of the instruments were administered as part of a structured interview that an evaluation social worker had with study participants at regular intervals. Two measures of psychological functioning were used. The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale Exampl Overall and Gorham, is an item scale that measures perceived severity of symptoms ranging from "somatic concern" and "anxiety" to "depressive mood" and "disorientation.

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The Global Assessment Scale GAS Endicott et al, is a single 1-to rating on a scale where each ten-point increment has a detailed description of functioning higher example of a research report paper indicate better functioning. For instance, one would give a rating between if the person showed "no symptoms, superior functioning The total score is simply the sum across the ten items, with five of the items being reversals.

The second measure was developed explicitly for this study and was designed to measure the Employment Self Esteem ESE of a person with SMI. The final ten items were selected from a pool of 97 original candidate items, based upon high item-total score correlations and a judgment of face validity by a panel of three psychologists.

This instrument was deliberately kept simple -- a shorter response scale and no reversal items -- because of the difficulties associated with measuring a population with SMI. The entire instrument is provided in Appendix A. All four of the measures evidenced strong reliability and validity. Internal consistency reliability estimates using Cronbach's alpha ranged from. Test-retest reliabilities were nearly as high, ranging from.

Convergent validity was evidenced by the correlations within construct.

Example of a research report paper

Repotr the two psychological functioning scales the correlation was. Discriminant validity was examined by looking at the cross-construct correlations which ranged from. Design A pretest-posttest two-group randomized experimental design was used in this study. In notational form, paped design can be depicted as:


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