Example of a college research paper outline


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An argument to support the thesis. Conclusion Call to action. Introduction The introduction is an important part of every academic work. It determines whether a reader is going to continue with your paper or just give it a rest.

Example of a college research paper outline

An introduction should be intriguing, engaging, and informative, although without giving away too much. There are three main points that make an impressive Introduction: Depending on the overall volume of your research paper, a hook can be from one to five sentences long.

  • An introduction should begin with discussion of your specific topic not a broad background overview and provide just enough context definitions of key terms, for example to prepare your readers for your thesis or purpose statement.
  • STATE YOUR THESIS Do some critical thinking and write your thesis statement down in one sentence.
  • The manner, pattern, and techniques should be the same throughout the paper.

This the part that persuades readers to read the paper. A hook should be interesting and provoking — papr need your readers to want to read your research paper. In your pre-writing activities, you had to define the audience for yourself — you had to understand who would be interested in reading your paper.

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Here, however, you need to explain to your reader why she or he is your target audience. The Introduction and the whole text, for that matter, should ouyline relatable. Here you state your argument. You make a clear point about what you are going to discuss and why is it important.

Your thesis statement should be clear and simple but never dull. You want the readers to read your paper especially after the research you have conducted and materials you have gone through.

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Body The Body is the main part of the research paper you are writing. It has no volume limitation, as it is the biggest and main section of the paper. The quantity of paragraphs for this part depends on overall requested volume of the research paper: All the evidence you have found during the research should go here.

You state each idea and provide efficient evidence. Do not state something you have no ways of proving! Each statement you give has to be backed up with the proof. Do not forget about valid references and proper citation according to resaerch required paper format.

Drafting Drafting is one of the last stages in the process of writing a research paper. There is neither template nor shortcut for writing a research paper; again, the process is, amongst other things, one of example of a college research paper outline, experience, and organization, and begins with the student properly understanding the assignment at hand. The manner, pattern, and techniques should be the same throughout the paper. The unusual symbol will make it easy for you to find the exact location again. Last two plays 2. Major points build on each other, moving the paper forward and toward its conclusion. No drafting should take place without a research question or thesis statement; otherwise, the student will find himself writing without a purpose or direction. Increasingly, uneducated workers work in unskilled or low-skilled jobs cite sources.

You can mention counterarguments to your ideas and provide evidence why they are not correct. Opposing facts prove your deep knowledge on the topic and that you have really conducted a thorough research.

This will show your commitment to the challenging tasks and create quite an impressive academic reputation. Do not forget about the style and the tone of your research paper, which you have stated in the introduction. The paper should be consistent from the beginning to the very end.

Here you can also include your argument, but only if a professor specifies it when sending out assignments. Proofread final paper carefully for spelling, punctuation, missing or duplicated words. Creating a good outline is essential in a further composing of your research paper. Are all my citations accurate and in correct format? Any unnecessary or repetitious words? Be sure to explain everything clearly without sounding too dull in the process. The Elements of Style was first published in More Major and Minor Points:

The manner, pattern, and techniques click to see more be the same throughout the paper. However, remember to be creative and use various language techniques to make your paper interesting to read. Take into consideration that there is a high chance that your professor knows everything about the subject.

Nonetheless, your paper needs to be addressed to the reader unfamiliar with the topic and the thesis statement of your choice. This again will show your deep knowledge on the matter. Be sure to explain everything clearly without sounding too dull in the process. Stuck on Your Research Paper Outline? Check out these example research paper outline. Show me examples Conclusion The conclusive part of the research paper has to summarize the arguments so the readers digest the main idea and remember it for a long time.

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In this short section, you again state your strongest arguments. There is no need to provide a deep explanation of your ideas or evidence to each of them. Nonetheless, you will have to give a general overview of the arguments you used in the research paper. This is the very end of your research paper and it should provoke your readers. Whether it is a call to a discussion or to an action, you need to choose what your final message to readers should be.

Remember that the main purpose of the research paper is to show your abilities to work by yourself and demonstrate the range of your knowledge on various topics. Creating a good outline is essential in a further composing of your research paper. Make sure to take notes when conducting a research, do not be afraid to ask for assistance and read additional resources. Oli Raw in Research Paper Ideas You may also like.


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