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August 23, '13 Comments [98] Posted in Musings Sponsored By I got a very earnest and well-phrased email from a young person overseas recently. Some time in my mind sounds come that Is that I am really a ij or just a good googler. I don't know what is the answer I am googler intetnet I am developer. Scott Please clear on my mind on this please. This is a really profound question that deserved an answer. Since I only have so many keystrokes left in my life, I am blogging my thoughts and emailing a link.

It'll get hard as I progress through the levels, but not crushingly hard. Each level I squeak by I'll find myself asking, "did I deserve to pass that level. I'm not sure I could do it again. Just enough that you can feel the water getting into your nose but you're not drowning yet.

First, remember you are not alone. I think that we grow when we are outside our comfort zone. If it's not breaking you down, it's not building you up. Second, anything that you want to be good at lofe worth practicing. Do a Project Euler problem every few weeks, if not weekly. Third, try programming for a day without Googling. Then two days, maybe a week. See how it feels. Remember that there was a time we programmed without copying our work. Fourth, think about the problemdeeply. Read about algorithms, read Programming Pearlsread about Design Patterns. Rather than copying code from Stack Overflow, copy patterns from the greats.

Body paragraph of a descriptive essay

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Ideas for Descriptive Essay Descriptive Essay Structure Considering the right structure for your essay is one of the key points of success. Sticking to a recommended essay structure is the only way to properly outline and write it, paragraph by paragraph from the introduction to conclusion, without mistakes. Depending on the type of descriptive approach, your essay can be organized spatially, chronologically or by importance.

Therefore, your can choose one of the following three patterns: Spatial Order Pattern Paraggaph order of a descriptive essay is the order of space. This means that your writing moves like a movie camera, as you recall and give details. This pattern is especially useful when your topic is a place. It contains five paragraphs: Chronological Order Pattern Chronological order of a descriptive essay is the order of time, so your writing moves scene by scene. This pattern is especially useful when your topic is an event.

Climactic Order Pattern Climactic Order is the order of importance. Usually, items are arranged from less important to more important, so you save the best point for the end of the essay. This pattern is generic, and can be used for any topic of descriptive approach. Did you choose an descriptive essay pattern. Follow these instructions and you will write a high grading descriptive essay. Start with a short background Everyone needs to take a break from the crazy pace of NYC lifestyle, once in a while.

When I ask myself where the best place to do that is, I do not have to think for more than a second. State the dominant impression about the subject This can be stated outright or implied; usually anything implied adopts a "show, but not tell" approach. This approach can sometimes make a greater impression with the reader. My favorite spot in the NYC is the Van Cortlandt Park, with its long paving trails descriptiv I so much like to ride on my bike, passing jungles of trees and bushes so wild that they make you believe you have escaped the city completely, and are somewhere in the middle of a real rich forest.

Spatial Order - Location Paragraph Specify the location Provide the necessary factual details.

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The advisers who meet with the President daily to discuss the economy: Peter Orszag, Christina Romer, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, and Jared Bernstein. Photograph by Martin Schoeller In early Read more, Lawrence H. After nearly a year of debate about how much federal intervention was needed to beat back the recession—a debate that started during the end of the Presidential campaign—he was somewhat optimistic. The bavkyard measures that Obama had taken—implementing the stimulus package, rescuing the stimulud, restructuring the automakers—had begun to stabilize the economy.

In vullying speech three weeks earlier, Summers had put it this way: Michiganders were thankful for the largesse. At NextEnergy, a nonprofit incubator for alternative-energy technology, an audience of local officials and business leaders waited eagerly under a hot sun to hear Biden and Summers announce the grants. Summers, wearing protective goggles and a yellow reflective vest over his suit, smiled and momentarily basked in the glow of gratitude that is familiar to a politician but rare for a White House economist.

Harvard quickly hired him as president of the university, inand he arrived with an ambitious agenda that included increasing financial aid, placing a bigger emphasis on science, pushing faculty to spend more time abkut undergraduates, and continuing the expansion of Harvard into the Allston area of Boston. But five years later he was gone, forced out by a faculty that had lost confidence in him after a series of controversies, beginning with a dispute with Cornel West, a professor of Afro-American studies, and ending with comments that Summers had made about women faculty in the sciences.

The problems stemmed from the blunt, sometimes arrogant manner for which he had been known throughout his career. But, in Detroit, all that seemed to be in the distant past. Everyone gathered around a large circular table. The faces of a mother and child smiled down on them from an oversized photograph on the wall. Governor Granholm, whose Midwestern sweetness can sometimes mask her shrewdness, chaired the meeting.

Summers assumed that he was there simply to listen to the concerns of another group of hard-hit manufacturers, but Granholm was not interested in sympathy alone. Michigan had just created a loan program to help old-line firms make the transition to new-economy industries, like solar-panel production and microchips, and the meeting turned into a plea to the Obama Administration to adopt the program as a federal plan.

But Obama was preparing to give a major speech on manufacturing sometime in the next two months, and the White House was looking for policy ideas to ease the crisis. Summers opened with a tone of skepticism: The future of activist government nsw at stake, he warned. They were both unpopular. Why this business but not that business. Is this industrial policy. Why is the government moving in. As Granholm talked about layoffs, he eyed a bottle of soda on the table in front of her. Summers drinks many Diet Cokes a day, and he was badly in need of one.

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The job of my dreams Essay Words 3 Pages especially since he goes beyond the call of duty. Another advantage is I can usually ask off with no questions asked. Finally, my coworkers are very good people and have become like family to me. My nice manager, vacation time, and friendly coworkers make up for all the disadvantages of my job. I would love to be able to snap my fingers and be in the job of my dreams.

Number one on my list would be to talk and work with people, but not have to deal with them all day long. I have always enjoyed working… Essay about My Dream Job Becoming a Reality Words 4 Pages Having a dream job must be that certain job that you have always reached for. It is that job that you promise you would do anything to have. I am currently one of the Calumet City Swat Team members.

Being an important part of the community is something great to have achieved, especially being a part of the law enforcement. There are plenty of benefits that come with being in the Swat along with seeing children smile in a safe and productive environment. Climbing the ranks takes time and leads to… Essay on My Dream of Being a 3D Animator Words 3 Pages imagery are endless. An individual possesses the ability to create at the mind's will with the possibility of one day being able to affect millions globally.

The film and gaming industries, now utilise the power of animation to its full effect, this is where I aim to belong, fulfilling my dream of being a 3D animator within either industries. Animation has always had a profound impact on my perception of the world. In childhood, I became engrossed in films such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc, I found myself… My American Dream Essay Words 3 Pages the "American Dream" is not just a dollar sign, or desk name-tag at work, but the ability to walk into a room or a home, and know that your presence is welcomed and looked forward to.

The dream is realizing that in America, we have the resources to make an honest difference. Unfortunately there was no reading that really embodied my version of the American dream. It consisted of two unicorns and a flying pig. It was about to finish when someone decided to repetitively tap me.

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The Internet is abounding in offers, but many companies offer poor quality solutions. If you wish to find out about the most reliable writing services available, keep reading and this detailed review will help. All of the services are tested and thoroughly reviewed by our experts, so that you can get truly honest information on the range of services top custom essays reviews of windows, the prices charged, customer services quality ratings and even find out what past clients are saying. Rating Criteria for the Most Reliable Essay Writing Companies Reviews All of the companies enlisted here offer reliable and truly quality services.

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There are several important criteria you have to look at, and which we use to actually rate the writing service, before we deem them reliable or unreliable, or even the best online essay writing service online. Stay tuned to see the main criteria that we use and what each one actually entails, before we do reviews of essay writing service, or decide to give a give an opinion on any of these companies on the market. Range of writing services offered In order to be credible and create the best essay writing service reviews online, that are going to enable students to find the most trustworthy essay writing service, revlews have to look at the range of offering of each of the companies.

You might be looking for a very specific task at a moment that a certain service can do, but what about future tasks. Do you have to go on a hunt for a new service all over again. Diversified "top custom essays reviews of windows" solutions College degree papers: Pricing and payment policy is a crucial aspect for most of the students, because the reality is, students have a very limited budget, and want to find the customm quality at the lowest prices.

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Before we do an essay writing service review, we want to be able to see if the company in questions actually has professional writers that deliver immaculate writing. That is what the students are looking for. In order to ensure we offer you a listing of the best college essay writing help websites, we tested the sites. Here are some top observations regarding samples we received: Samples received on deadline Instant chat with the writer Top quality writing Only professionals who write papers - not simple college students Several discounts available for first time sssays Plenty of freebies: Customer Support Typically, when we do college essay writing service reviews, we focus on customer support as well, because writing college assignments and essays can be complex, and students need to be able to have someone available to talk to all the time.

This aspect is as important revlews the pricing and the range of services. When it comes to writing services, customer support is extremely important. We evaluated the best essay writing service online websites for you, so check out our findings: We said we need a paper written - and received very quick response Instant communication windows for quick chat The option to discuss directly with the writer assigned to the project Very quick response for any windiws Help with payment processing Some additional changes at no extra cost Phone call option Choose your own writer Response to "what is the top essay writer.

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Short Essay on Health is Wealth On By Vikash Pathak Category: By health we do not mean the absence of physical troubles only. But it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The loss of health is a loss of all happiness. Health is more important than wealth. A rich person can afford various luxuries of life such as a big car, large house, costly accessories, air-conditioners, etc.

But, an essay about health is wealth can enjoy these luxuries only if his health is good. Importance of light, air and water: Good health depends on several things. Fresh air and sunlight are very important for our health. Fresh air helps us to improve our immune system and overall health.

So a morning walk is very useful for health. Sunlight helps our body to produce vitamin-D. A dirty and damp atmosphere causes lots of diseases. Fresh and pure drinking water is also necessary for good health. Impure drinking- water is the cause of several diseases. So, we must take care of these things. Food is another necessary thing for the body.

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Select Page Udeal Father Essay A father is a male parent of the family who guides, loves and cares his children all through the life. He always acts as the pillar of strength and support for his children. Children generally understand their father a real hero and a good friend of the life who always instruct them to go on the right path. Here we have provided easy and simple paragraphs, long and short essay on My Father to help your kids to take part in the essay writing competition. They can select any My Father essay given below according to their class standard: My Father Essay 1 words My father is an ideal person of my life.

He is my real hero and my best friend ever. He always helps me a lot in my any difficulty. He is an internet marketing manager in a limited company in New Delhi. Here is very famous person in his office as well as in the society because of his gentleness and politeness.

He is very intelligent man and always helps others in their problems. He is the boss of my family and gives advice and instruction to every family member. He solves problems of the neighbours. He takes me to school on every PTM and discusses my performance with my teacher. My Father Essay 2 words My father is very kind-hearted person and my real hero and best friend. He always shares with me his all the bad an happy moments. He tells me that he discuss his all life events to me to give me experience and take right steps in the absence of him.

He wants to make me a good person in the life and most importantly a successful person by following petson the etiquettes, humanity and ethics of the life. He is the person who always helps the needy people in the society or anywhere on the way. He teaches me about how to get fit, healthy, happy and a peaceful person all through the life.

He is the good adviser in my family, every family member takes advice oon him whenever they get problem. He is the head of the family and always takes first seat while eating food at dining table. My Father Essay 3 words My father is very loving and dutiful person. I always learn from his life and his experiences. He tells me about his all the struggle of life and his success. He is the person who teaches me about etiquettes, humanity and ethics.

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What Does it Take to Improve Participation. August 2nd, By: Mary Bart When I was in college I never raised my hand. Yet, I was a good student. I paid attention, took copious notes, studied hard, and earned good grades. But I was also quite shy and therefore perfectly happy to never open my mouth in class. Then one day as I was leaving class, Professor Roberts came over and asked if I had a few minutes to chat.

My mind raced … what could this be about. Did I mess up on the last exam. Yeah, I aced that test, so what could he possibly want. What do you think about that. I liked Professor Roberts. So I nodded hesitantly, and he explained his plan. For the next few weeks, during his lecture he would weave in a question straight from the reading and look directly at me. At first the questions were simple recall questions and required only a short answer.

I learned recently that Professor Roberts had retired earlier this year. He wrote back a nice note, just as I knew he would, and remarked how affirming it is to hear from former students. There are shy students in every classroom. How do you help these students step out of their comfort zones and participate in class. Please share your strategies or comments below. Tagged with class participationencouraging student participationintroverted studentsshy studentsstudent participation techniques tsasser One thing I do to help students like Mary, who like to reflect on and process a question, is to give students a list of potential discussion questions for the next class meeting.